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QT Series Multi-functional Fully Automatic Block Making Machine 
As a “National Inspection-free Product”, Xingxin block making machine is well supported with complete functions, easy operation and stable quality. It has reached the leading level of its kind at home. It is applied in producing high-strength and fine-quality ordinary concrete blocks, fly ash blocks, waste residue blocks, etc. The blocks produced are featured with high consistency, good capabilities in frost-resistance,  permeability-resistance, sound insulation, thermal insulation, heat-preservation property and reliable performance.
Technical Charcteristic
1.Imported high-effect hydraulic proprotion system pure component(more efficient and energy conservation)
2.Imported intelligence PLC touch screen and pure electrical element (high automaticity and easy to operate)
3.Arch breaking type rapid feeding device(better feeding for multi-hole brick with better uniformity)
4.Extend type high efficient vibrotechnique (Forming production faster and with higher compactedness)
5.High-heart treatment special technoligy (to make the mould more durable and more firm )
Producers goods
Using smallrock,sand,stones,cement,can be heavy addition with fly-ash,slag,coal gangue,ceramsite,pearlite and etc many type or industrial Waste.
One machining with multiple uses,by changing mould it can produce all type of standard building blocks.
Multi-holes block and hollow block 
Ceramsite heat preservation block 
Composite heat preservation concrete block 
The above production come with good heat preservation performance,and satisfy the national new energy conservation policy demand.

Vibration Frequency 3800-4500r/min
Main machine weigh 11500KG
Dimension 9800*3600*2800mm
Capacity 41.9KW
Cycle Time 15-20(S)
Rated pressure 31.5mpa
Vibration force 95KN
Pallet size 940*860*25mm
Vibration type hydraulic vibration
Stacking machine power 3.0KW

Block Specification Size (mm) Block Mould pcs/mould PCS/8Hours
Hollow brick 390*190*190   8 11520-15360
Porous block 240*115*90   21 30240-40320
Solid brick 240*115*51   42 60480-80640
Holland Brick 200*100*60   28 40320-53760