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Heavy haze in the north triggered concerns about the need for HSDPA

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Recently, heavy fog and haze in the north has attracted the attention of all social circles and the media. It is composed of 9 academicians, 25 professors and researchers in the fields of atmospheric environmental science, pollution prevention and environmental monitoring. Recently, the public concerned about heavy pollution sources Causes and response to questions such as answering a reporter's question.
According to expert analysis, from the analysis of PM2.5 sources, Beijing contributed about 28% to 36% of regional transmission, local pollution emissions accounted for 64% to 72%, Tianjin regional transmission accounted for 22% -34% Local emissions accounted for 66% -78%. Shijiazhuang regional pollution transmission contribution of 23% to 30%, 70% to 77% from Shijiazhuang local pollution. Experts suggested that in the forecast area will appear large-scale heavy polluting weather, should be coordinated to start heavy pollution emergency response measures to work together to cut the peak, effectively reduce the heavy pollution, reduce the duration, in order to achieve common improvement of regional ambient air quality objectives.
Experts also suggested that the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region to thermal power, iron and steel and building materials, coal-dominated energy structure, pollutant emission intensity is still high. The next step will continue to strengthen the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region in winter pollution prevention and control work, especially civilian clean coal, coal-fired small boilers and "scattered small pollution" enterprises out of governance, the Beijing-Tianjin region during the winter heating pollutant emissions Strength is also lowered, so that in the future even extreme adverse weather conditions can greatly reduce the degree of air pollution.
According to the Economic Information Daily, in recent years, local governments in the field of environmental protection generally face the air pollution control, water ecological management, soil remediation in the field of tough battle, extensive market demand hot PPP mode in the field of environmental protection applications. According to industry statistics, the first three quarters of PPP environmental protection project library investment more than 6 times the total income of listed companies. But the industry pointed out that the current PPP model in the system construction has yet to be further improved.
Analysis of the industry believe that the next two years is the concentration of market demand for environmental release. It is understood that heavy pollution in the weather, some places to take motor vehicles limit line, stop production and other emergency response measures, and has begun to explore environmental PPP model in the application of air pollution control.
As of 2016 the first three quarters, the Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission PPP environmental protection project library total of about 910 billion yuan, is the environmental protection industry 69 listed companies in 2015 income of 137.8 billion yuan 6.6 times, is a strong support for environmental protection industry. The industry analysis, PPP mode floor rate rising, contracted investment is expected to reach 3.5 trillion at the end of 4 trillion, "13 5" at the end or up to 20 trillion. Among them, environmental projects in the "sewage treatment", "sponge city", "sludge treatment" and other areas of the number of projects, the amount of investment accounted for a considerable proportion.
China Securities analyst Xu Man believes that the popularity of PPP is built on the government "security growth" and "asset shortage" of the background, the Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission introduced two policies continue to promote PPP project expansion, landing rate. Environmental protection projects in the proportion of PPP projects considerable, especially in the field of comprehensive environmental management, "PPP + environmental protection" to determine the continuing benefit trend. At the same time, PPP to accelerate the integration of environmental protection industry, the driving force to promote environmental protection enterprises from a single order-driven industrial chain to improve the comprehensive management platform for change.
Xu further analysis, the future is still optimistic about the application of PPP model and the integration of M & A positive environmental protection industry: on the one hand, PPP model in the second half of 2014 began to be widely promoted, the project construction period of 1 to 3 years, On the other hand, the environmental protection industry is becoming more strict law enforcement, governance-oriented direction, the survival of the fittest to speed up, backward technology, low-cost, low-cost, high-tech, Scale enterprises are facing the trend of being eliminated and integrated.
It is worth mentioning that, so far the PPP project library, excluding transportation, watershed management and environmental restoration orders accounted for the largest. Xu Man believes that in May 2016 the introduction of the "Soil 10" on the soil pollution liability subject, list of pollution plots, funding sources and other aspects of the guidelines, is expected to become a turning point in the soil repair industry. Therefore, in 2017 or will be further introduced to solve the soil remediation payment side support policy. In addition, environmental protection and sub-sector revenue growth and profit also shows that soil remediation companies are in the performance of rising channel.
The industry generally believe that 2017,2018 PPP plate will be in demand to accelerate the release of the project to speed up the landing period. Recently, the Ministry of Finance jointly with the State Council General Office, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and other ministries and commissions to 10 provinces to carry out "to improve the promotion of government and social capital cooperation model" special inspection investigation, urging the PPP project, in particular the key demonstration project implementation.

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